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[Qur'an 14:1]

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Two German Sisters Find Islam in Their Teen
- By  Tuba

When I write about my journey to Islam, the first thing I have to say is that I was "lucky" that not so many of those who were born Muslims had found their way to Islam yet. I knew about Islam through these Muslims though.

When I became a Muslim in the year 2000, at the age of 16, I was thinking of how lucky I am that I became part of a community which consists of brothers and sisters who fear God. Their hearts are made of gold and are respectful. But quickly I realized that this had nothing to do with luck, but it was rather the will of Allah, Who pulled me closer and closer to Islam.
[(All) people are a single nation; so Allah raised prophets as bearers of good news and as warners, and He revealed with them the Book with truth, that it might judge between people in that in which they differed; and none but the very people who were given it differed about it after clear arguments had come to them, revolting among themselves; so Allah has guided by His will those who believe to the truth about which they differed and Allah guides whom He pleases to the right path.] (Al-Baqarah 2:213)


Here you find the weekly women's lessons, held by Imam Mohammed.
In the sayings of the prophet Muhammad
( salla llahu Alaihi wasallam ), If a person plans to execute a matter, example- to marry, travel, do business etc. and does not know if it will be good or bad for him, He should pray two unit prayers ( Raka àts ).
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HADITH 1: On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (May Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah said: Continue >>

Why I Chose Islam - A story of a Priest
By M. Emery

I was born to staunch Catholic Christian parents. Even from my youngest days, my father sometimes took me along with him when he went to preach, it was quite ob-vious that he wanted me to succeed him in his profes-sion. By the time I reached grade twelve, I could preach the Gospels in my own way. In college, I often met my Protestant classmates and discussed the differences in our faiths and the performance of rituals.

By the time I completed the first year in college, I was sufficiently grounded in the knowledge of the Christian Faith as held by the Catholic Church. I was given a schol-arship from the Church funds and in return for the help I received, I was required to receive special coaching in understanding parts of the Holy Book, under the Chief Priest of the Church who loved to teach me very much and was very intimately attached to me.

Having appeared in the first group for my intermediate course I used to sit working at his subjects till late at night. One night when all were asleep and I was ab-sorbed in my studies an idea suddenly struck my mind to examine the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the basic formula of the Christian Faith. The question how god ex-ists in three persons, and yet has a single divine nature, a single will and be of one substance arose in my mind.

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(By Mohammed Sherif Ishaq)

We in Islam believe that the Qur'an confirms all the messages sent by Allah through His Messengers. So what applies to the Muslim also applies to the Jew and the Christian.

Islam teaches us that when a woman has a discharge of blood (menses) called her menstrual period. A woman in such a condition becomes unclean and should not pray or have physical intercourse with her husband. She can hold her husband or do anything but not intercourse. Continue >>